• Pastor's Corner ~ Lawrence J. McGovern, STL ~

      My Dear People,
      The joy of the Lord’s resurrection proclaims to the world that we are an Easter people who have not lost hope. We are a people who trust that God lives in our world and deep within each of us. No matter what darkness surrounds us, we know that the light of Christ is always shining. We believe that the world can be different because Jesus Christ overcame death and suffering in the glory of resurrection.

      Easter inspires and strengthens us to live together in peace and be reconciled to one another. Easter calls us to a justice born of returning to God and walking humbly in God’s ways. May this Easter Sunday be a source of joy and renewed hope for you and your families. May the alleluias we sing lift up our hearts, and give us all great confidence in God.

      Warmly yours in Christ,
      Bishop Stephen E. Blaire, Catholic Bishop of Stockton

      ...do not be afraid of failure, do not be afraid of falling.
      In the art of walking it is not falling that matters, but not "staying fallen." Get up quickly, immediately, and continue to go on.
      --Pope Francis

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      God greatly exalted [Christ] and bestowed on him the name which is above every name. --Philippians 2:9
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